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Human Resources Department = Customer Touch Point.

June 3, 2009 at 11:08 am

How you treat your job applicants should be part of your marketing plan.

As health care marketers cast around for new, inventive ways to make a personal connection with current or potential patients they may be missing the people that are already knocking on the door.

“I applied there. I had to call 5 times to reach a live person to confirm that they received my online application.”

“It was like trying to storm a castle.  The only way you can interact with them is online.  Maybe there really isn’t an H.R. department.”

The New York Times ran a column in their business section last Sunday called Be Nice To Job Seekers. (They’re Shoppers, Too) making the point that how an organization treats job applicants says a lot about it, it’s brand and its values.

This isn’t just a lapse of good manners or common courtesy.  And yes, I realize that in this economy there are plenty of job seekers out there so you’re saying, “what’s the big deal?”  The big deal is that applicants are telling stories to family and friends about how your organization is treating them during the hiring process.

The irony meter skyrockets when you realize that your leaders are saying “we aren’t just hiring for skills anymore, we need to make sure that our people match our values” in the employee newsletter, at the Chamber Of Commerce lunch, and to the health reporter at the paper.

Did I mention that this doesn’t cost a lot of money?  Have lunch with your organization’s H.R. leader.  Discuss the issue and pick two touch points to start with. Then redesign the processes so that applicants – whether they get hired or not – tell the story you want them to tell about your organization.

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